How to Elevate Your Wedding with Uplighting & Pinspots

Lighting is a crucial element in creating the perfect atmosphere for your wedding. It enhances the visual appeal, sets the mood, and highlights key moments throughout the event. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through uplighting and pinspots, integral components of our “Set the Mood Lighting Design Collection.”

The Power of Uplighting

Wedding uplighting with pinspots

What is Uplighting?

Uplighting involves placing lighting fixtures on the ground and aiming them upwards to create a wash of light that highlights walls, columns, and other architectural features. This technique can dramatically transform a space, adding depth, warmth, and color.

Creating Ambiance with Uplighting

Uplighting is versatile and can be used to:

  • Enhance Architectural Features: Highlight the unique aspects of your venue, such as columns, alcoves, and textured walls.
  • Add Color: Match the lighting to your wedding theme colors, creating a cohesive and immersive experience.
  • Create Depth: Uplighting adds layers to your décor, making the space feel larger and more dynamic.

Determining the Right Quantity of Uplighting Fixtures

The number of uplighting fixtures needed depends on the size and layout of your venue. It’s important to note that some companies might offer packages with 8 to 12, or sometimes 16 lights. However, this is often not enough to achieve the desired effect for most venues. Here’s why you need more:

  • Coverage: Fewer lights mean limited coverage, leading to uneven lighting and potential dark spots.
  • Impact: With only a few lights, the dramatic effect of uplighting is diminished, resulting in a less impressive ambiance.
  • Flexibility: A higher number of lights allows for more creative and flexible design options.

For optimal results:

  • Small and Medium Venues: 24 fixtures
  • Large Venues: 36+ fixtures

Why 8, 12, and 16 Lights Are Insufficient

Packages offering only 8 to 16 uplighting fixtures typically provide only 2 to 4 lights per wall. This minimal coverage can result in:

  • Uneven Lighting: Dark areas that disrupt the overall ambiance.
  • Missed Highlights: Inability to highlight key décor elements and architectural features.
  • Limited Design Flexibility: Restricts creative lighting design possibilities, making the venue feel less dynamic.

For optimal effect, place fixtures around the perimeter of the space, spacing them evenly.

Minimum Recommendations for Popular Venues

  • 44th & Maddison – Warner Robins, GA: 36 uplights
  • Al Sihah Shrine Temple – Macon, GA: 36 uplights
  • Anderson Conference Center – Macon, GA: 36 uplights
  • Butler Hall – Gray, GA: 24 uplights
  • Chateau Elan Winery – Braselton, GA: 36 uplights
  • Chehaw Park – Albany, GA: 36 uplights
  • Courtyard Warner Robins – Warner Robins, GA: 24 uplights
  • Doublegate Country Club – Albany, GA: 36 uplights
  • Dubose Porter Center – Dublin, GA: 36 uplights
  • Emerson at Plum – Macon, GA: 36 uplights
  • Fall Line Station – Macon, GA: 36 uplights
  • Gin Creek Plantation – Hartsfield, GA: 36 uplights
  • Hummingbird Hill Farms – Perry, GA: 36 uplights
  • Magnolia Mule Barn – Macon, GA: 24 uplights
  • Parker’s Venue – Milledgeville, GA: 24 uplights
  • Rinesdi Banquets & Events – Stone Mountain, GA: 36 uplights
  • Simply Southern Barn – Milledgeville, GA: 36 uplights
  • Suite 616 – Macon, GA: 24 uplights
  • Terminal Station – Macon, GA: 48 uplights
  • The Biltmore Ballrooms – Atlanta, GA: 48 uplights
  • The Blacksmith Shop – Macon, GA: 36 uplights
  • The Bindery at Oakland Library – Macon, GA: 36 uplights
  • The Grand Magnolia House – Marshallville, GA: 24 uplights
  • Tryphena’s Garden – Fort Valley, GA: 24 uplights
  • Tubman Museum – Macon, GA: 48 uplights
  • Wesleyan College – Macon, GA: 36 uplights
  • Southern Bridle Farms – Fort Valley, GA: 36 uplights

The Impact of Pinspots

Wedding uplighting with pinspots
Keith Hammock of Keith Hammock Photography

What are Pinspots?

Pinspots are narrow-beam lights used to highlight specific objects or areas, such as centerpieces, cake tables, and floral arrangements. These focused beams draw attention to key elements, making them stand out beautifully.

Setting the Mood with Pinspots

Pinspots can be strategically used to:

  • Highlight Centerpieces: Make your table arrangements pop, creating an elegant and refined look.
  • Illuminate the Cake: Ensure your wedding cake is a focal point by highlighting its intricate details.
  • Accent Decor: Draw attention to special décor elements, such as photo walls, gift tables, and signage.

Appropriate Quantities for Pinspots

The number of pinspots required will vary based on your needs:

  • Centerpieces: One pinspot per table
  • Cake Table: 2-3 pinspots
  • Special Decor: 1-2 pinspots per feature

Beyond Basics: Enhancements to Consider

Animated Monogram Projection

Animated GOBO wedding monogram projection

Personalize your venue with animated monogram projections. Display your initials, wedding date, or a custom design on the dance floor or walls, adding a unique and personal touch to your celebration.

Spotlights for Special Moments

Wedding grand entrance with spotlight

Use spotlights to highlight significant moments, such as:

  • First Dance: Create a magical ambiance as you share your first dance.
  • Speeches: Ensure the speakers are well-lit, making them the focus of attention.
  • Cake Cutting: Draw all eyes to the cake-cutting ceremony.

Transforming Uplighting into Dance Lighting

Our uplighting can double as dance lighting later in the evening. By syncing the lights with music through DMX control and our DJ software, the uplighting can change colors and patterns, creating an energetic and vibrant dance floor atmosphere.

The “Set the Mood Lighting Design Collection”

Our comprehensive package includes both uplighting and pinspots, designed to create a stunning and cohesive lighting experience. The collection offers:

  • Versatile Uplighting: Use for both ambiance and dance lighting.
  • Precise Pinspotting: Highlight key elements with pinpoint accuracy.
  • DMX Control: Sync lighting with music for dynamic effects.
  • Customized Enhancements: Animated monogram projections and spotlight features.


Lighting plays a pivotal role in crafting the perfect wedding atmosphere. With our “Set the Mood Lighting Design Collection,” you can effortlessly enhance your venue, highlight key moments, and create a memorable experience for you and your guests. From uplighting and pinspots to animated projections and dynamic dance lighting, our package ensures every detail is illuminated with style and precision.


What is uplighting and how does it enhance a wedding venue? Uplighting involves placing lights on the ground aimed upward to wash walls and features in color, adding depth and ambiance to the venue.

How many uplighting fixtures are needed for a medium-sized venue? Typically, 24 uplighting fixtures are suitable for a medium-sized venue.

What are pinspots and where are they used in a wedding? Pinspots are narrow-beam lights used to highlight specific items like centerpieces, cakes, and special décor elements.

Can uplighting be used for dance lighting? Yes, our uplighting can transform into dance lighting by syncing with music through DMX control and our DJ software.

What is DMX control in wedding lighting? DMX control allows for dynamic and synchronized lighting effects, perfect for transitioning from ambient lighting to an energetic dance floor.

How can animated monogram projections enhance a wedding? Animated monogram projections personalize the venue with custom designs, adding a unique and memorable touch to the celebration.

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